Annals of Tropical Medicine and Public Health

: 2015  |  Volume : 8  |  Issue : 1  |  Page : 19-

Melatonin treatment for Ebola virus disease

Somsri Wiwanitkit1, Viroj Wiwanitkit2,  
1 Wiwanitkit House, Bangkhae, Bangkok, Thailand
2 Hainan Medical University, China; University of Nis, Serbia; Joseph Ayobabalola University, Nigeria; Dr. DY Patil Medical University, India

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Dr. Somsri Wiwanitkit
Wiwanitkit House, Bangkhae, Bangkok -10160, Thailand

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Wiwanitkit S, Wiwanitkit V. Melatonin treatment for Ebola virus disease.Ann Trop Med Public Health 2015;8:19-19

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Wiwanitkit S, Wiwanitkit V. Melatonin treatment for Ebola virus disease. Ann Trop Med Public Health [serial online] 2015 [cited 2020 Jul 6 ];8:19-19
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Dear Sir,

The new concept for using "Melatonin treatment for Ebola virus disease" is very interesting. Tan et al. reported that "melatonin has been successfully employed for the treatment of sepsis in many experimental and clinical studies" and it is possible that it might be applicable for the treatment of Ebola virus infection. [1] Indeed, a previous report by Galley et al. showed that the usefulness of melatonin in the management of sepsis is related to its "beneficial effects on sepsis-induced mitochondrial dysfunction, oxidative stress, and cytokine responses." [2]

There are some evidences that melatonin might be useful in the management of some viral infections such as "Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis virus and respiratory syncytial virus." [3] Step-by-step modification of the cytokine system that is the problem in viral infection is believed to be the explanation for the usefulness of melatonin. [3] However, there is no evidence that melatonin can be useful in the management of hemorrhagic episode, which is the main problem that can lead to death in patients infected with Ebola virus. Based on the well-known viral hemorrhagic fever dengue, the standard management is fluid replacement therapy and the use of melatonin has never been effective. [4] The rapid leakage of fluid might be more serious than that of the compensation property of melatonin.


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