Annals of Tropical Medicine and Public Health

: 2016  |  Volume : 9  |  Issue : 5  |  Page : 374--375

Unknown fever in patients that may be sand fly fever?

Ali Mehrabi Tavana 
 Health Management Research Center, Baqiyatallah (A.S.) University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran

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Ali Mehrabi Tavana
Health Management Research Center, Baqiyatallah (A.S.) University of Medical Sciences, Tehran

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Tavana AM. Unknown fever in patients that may be sand fly fever?.Ann Trop Med Public Health 2016;9:374-375

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Tavana AM. Unknown fever in patients that may be sand fly fever?. Ann Trop Med Public Health [serial online] 2016 [cited 2020 Jul 11 ];9:374-375
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Dear Sir,

Sand fly fever also called papatasi fever, phlebotomus fever, or 3-day fever, is one the arbovirus diseases. [1] The virsus belongs to Bunyaviridae family and Genus of Nariovius. [2] More than 8 serotypes of the diseases well introduced by scientist. The diseases more prevalent in are which leishmanasis, in particular, cutaneous leishmaniasis is present. [3] No research has been done in area of other form of the leishmaniasis is present. The diseases may not related to habitants of population who are living in endemic area, perhaps the other people in particular traveler mostly people who are traveling to endemic area for the first time in short duration time are at risk. [4] The diseases have been reported in many wars and conflicts. [4],[5] The main symptom of the disease is fever, photophobia, myalgia, and muscleache. [6] No routine test has been performed in developed and developing countries to identify the diseases. However, mostly the clinical symptom may be identical for expert physicians in the infected area. [7] The new and nonexperiences physician may be the missed the cases. Not specific cure has been introduced so far. Care must be taken for travelers who are traveling in the endemic area. The unknown diseases with above sign and symptoms may be considered as Sand fly fever the things which must be known by general practitioners and infectious diseases specialist anyway.

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