ColonBroom – Legit or scam? – all experiences, reviews and product test

ColonBroom, a new type of food supplement, is sold on the internet currently. In addition to a purely natural mode of action, Colon Broom is said to have a lasting effect on the intestines and digestion, so that constipation can be effectively treated. These complaints of the digestive tract not only cause considerable discomfort for those affected, but can also hinder a desired weight loss.

If digestion does not function optimally, certain toxins cannot be transported out of the body, while at the same time metabolism and other functions are impaired. We have found out for our readers what distinguishes ColonBroom from other preparations and how quickly an improvement occurs. 

What is ColonBroom?

What is ColonBroom

ColonBroom is sold as a supplement in powder form. This should make it even easier for users to take. When used regularly, the preparation is said to have a lasting effect on the intestines and the entire digestive system. A high-quality active ingredient combination of fibre-rich substances and probiotics primarily improves the functioning of the intestinal flora so that, among other things, constipation and other digestive complaints are treated. As a result, the functioning of metabolism and co. can also be supported.

Users who take ColonBroom regularly benefit not only from a well-functioning digestion, but also from an improved metabolism. But also the quality of sleep and vitality are sustainably and positively influenced, since many processes in the organism depend on an optimally functioning digestive tract. 

What does Stiftung Warentest say?

Basically, numerous preparations can already be found that support digestion and thus improve the quality of life. However, not all of them have a lasting effect. However, during our research, we could not find any information that ColonBroom has been tested or examined by Stiftung Warentest. For this reason, we decided to conduct our own self-test, the results of which you will find below.    

ColonBroom in the test – We checked the effect

Our ColonBroom test

So that we could test the effect of the dietary supplement under real conditions, we asked a volunteer test person for her help. Alexandra (31 years old) volunteered for our ColonBroom test. Our tester had been suffering from persistent digestive problems for several months. Alexandra had already tried numerous home remedies and some medicines.

However, apart from short-term relief, she was unable to achieve any lasting improvements. Accordingly, we were more than curious to see whether the statements and promises of the manufacturer regarding ColonBroom would actually prove true. 

Day 1: We started our ColonBroom test with a detailed conversation. In this conversation, we had our test person describe her complaints in detail. We then introduced Alexandra to the innovative preparation and explained how to take it correctly. According to this, our test person should take the powder once a day. Alexandra promised to stick to the recommended dosage and to keep us informed of any changes. 

Day 15: Two weeks had passed and our test person could already notice the first improvements after a few days. Above all, her digestion had improved significantly. While Alexandra previously suffered from constant constipation, this was successfully treated through daily use. The associated symptoms such as abdominal pain and bloating had also disappeared. 

Day 30: In addition to improved digestion, our test person noticed other changes over the next two weeks. Not only had Alexandra’s sleep quality improved, but also her metabolism. Accordingly, our test person was able to lose a few extra pounds in the last few days. Alexandra also stated that she felt more vital and had more energy since taking ColonBroom. Throughout the test, our test person described taking the product as very easy and there were no possible side effects.

Public ColonBroom experiences and customer reviews

In addition to our own experiences with the preparation, we were also interested in the experiences of other users. Although the preparation has only been available on the market for some time, we were already able to find numerous positive ColonBroom experiences and reviews on the internet. We would like to present some of these customer testimonials below.

ColonBroom customer review experience experiences ColonBroom

A young woman writes in her ColonBroom review that by regularly taking the powder, she was able to treat her severe bloated belly in particular. Not only has the annoying flatulence disappeared, but the young woman can also look forward to more energy in everyday life.

ColonBroom experience experiences customer review ColonBroom

Like many other ColonBroom testimonials, the review of another user is also very positively written. After only a few days of taking the product, he could already observe the first positive changes. In addition, weight loss was observed shortly afterwards.

ColonBroom customer report review experience

Another customer is also more than satisfied with the ColonBroom powder. Not only the easy intake, but also the quick effect is praised by this lady. She was able to completely treat her chronic constipation in just a few days through regular use. 

Another customer is also more than satisfied with the ColonBroom powder. This lady praises not only the easy intake, but also the quick effect. She was able to completely treat her chronic constipation in just a few days through regular use.

The advantages of the powder

ColonBroom is a preparation to support digestion and is characterised by its rapid onset of action. However, that is not the only advantage this supplement has to offer. The active ingredient formula is free of genetic engineering and gluten. In addition, animal products have not been added at all, so it is also suitable for vegans. Below are some more benefits you can expect when taking it:

  • Helps improve intestinal and digestive health
  • Psyllium husk may help to eliminate constipation and flatulence
  • May support detoxification and the immune system
  • May promote vitality, concentration, and energy
  • May help to improve sleep quality
  • Increased dietary fiber intake, along with other dietary interventions, such as calorie-restricted diet, may support desired weight loss

ColonBroom ingredients

As already mentioned several times, an effective and high-quality formula of substances has been used for the powder. In this way, good tolerance can also be guaranteed. The individual ColonBroom ingredients have a versatile effect on the intestines and digestion. A look at the product packaging will tell you which active ingredients are contained in each individual ingredient:

Psyllium husks: This main active ingredient is rich in dietary fibre, so that intestinal flora and digestion can be sustainably supported. In this way, constipation and flatulence can be treated naturally, while normal bowel movements are regulated.  

Citric acid: The ColonBroom content also contains the active ingredient citric acid. This is mainly used for various gastrointestinal complaints. In addition, this active ingredient can also strengthen the immune system. 

Crystallised lemon from citric acid, lemon oil and lemon juice: The active ingredient of lemons has been used for many years in the fight against constipation. Various stimulants can be found in the lemon itself, so that toxins and other waste products of the organism can be transported out more easily. 

Silicon dioxide: Also known as silica, this ColonBroom ingredient primarily supports the treatment of various gastrointestinal complaints – including bloating and constipation. In the powder, it promotes digestion while supporting intestinal health in general in the long term. 

Sea salt: Above all, the cleansing of the intestines can be supported with this active ingredient. In addition, detoxification can also be improved, while possible digestive complaints are alleviated in a natural way. 

In addition, no sugar, gluten or animal products were added in the production of ColonBroom powder. 

When can an effect be expected?

When can an effect be expected

As a rule, a quick onset of the ColonBroom effect can be assumed. However, it is important to give the intestines and digestion a little time. The manufacturer itself promises quick help, especially for acute flatulence. According to this, these should be alleviated after 72 hours by taking the powder.

In terms of intestinal health and digestion, most users also report a fast-acting ColonBroom effect. In general, it can be said that after two weeks, digestion and intestinal health can be significantly improved by taking the powder. However, it is important in this context that the supplement is taken continuously. 

Are there official test and study results for ColonBroom?

Since the powder has only been available on the German market for a short time, no study or test results can be found yet. However, since ColonBroom Germany is marketed as a supplement, any test results are not mandatory. 

Who is the powder for?

Various reasons can promote the development of flatulence, constipation or other digestive problems. These include, above all, a wrong diet and lifestyle, as well as stress. Constipation in particular can severely restrict the life of those affected and thus also reduce their quality of life. ColonBroom was developed precisely for this reason.

Taking the powder is supposed to alleviate digestive problems in a natural way and at the same time promote the health of the intestines and digestion. As a result, metabolism and numerous other bodily functions and processes can also be optimised. ColonBroom powder is therefore suitable as a preventative measure to maintain intestinal health or for the treatment of existing digestive tract complaints. 

Where can you buy ColonBroom? Amazon, pharmacy, dm

Currently, the powder is sold exclusively via the internet. Accordingly, the supplement cannot be found in pharmacies or drugstores such as dm or Rossmann. If you would like to buy ColonBroom, we recommend you visit the official sales site. In this case, you can be absolutely sure that you are ordering the original product.

At what price is the product sold?

Currently, customers pay a ColonBroom price of 58.99 euros for one can. This corresponds to a month’s supply and is enough for 60 servings. In addition to the one-time purchase, customers can also opt for the subscription. In this case, they receive a new can once a month at a price of 49.90 euros. There are no additional costs for shipping.  

ColonBroom recommended dosage – Here’s how to take it and how to dose it

Due to the delicious strawberry flavour of the powder, users find it very pleasant to take. For each intake, one measuring spoon of the powder is dissolved in a glass of water. This shake is ideally drunk 30 minutes before a meal. After taking the shake, an additional glass of water should be drunk. At the beginning of ColonBroom intake, one shake a day is recommended. Once the intestines and body have become accustomed to the active ingredients, the dose can be increased to two shakes a day.  

Possible risks and side effects

Due to the purely natural formula of the active ingredients, no ColonBroom side effects have been reported so far. In our test, too, we were unable to detect any negative side effects in our test person. However, before taking the powder for the first time, it should be checked whether all the active ingredients contained in the powder are tolerated without exception. It is also important to start with only one shake a day. Only in the course of regular use should the dosage be increased. 

Frequently asked questions

Constipation and the like can have a negative effect on life. With ColonBroom, these and many other digestive problems can be treated in a natural way, while at the same time the entire body can benefit from regular intake. We have summarised the most important information about the novel preparation below.

Does ColonBroom offer vouchers?

Currently, no ColonBroom voucher can be found. However, the manufacturer always offers its customers special offers that can save a lot when ordering. With the current spring sale, a saving of 15 percent can be achieved when purchasing the preparation.

At what time of day should ColonBroom be taken?

Users can decide for themselves whether ColonBroom powder should be taken at breakfast, lunch or dinner. However, taking it before going to bed should be avoided.

Can ColonBroom be integrated into a ketogenic diet?

Due to the special active ingredient formula, ColonBroom can also be taken as part of a ketogenic diet. The macronutrients contained are not broken down by the body, so possible carbohydrates cannot occur.

Can ColonBroom also be taken by children?

The ColonBroom supplement is aimed at adults and should not be taken by children or adolescents under the age of 18. Children with persistent digestive problems should always seek medical advice.

Does ColonBroom offer a money-back guarantee?

If customers are not satisfied with the product and the way it works, they can return it to the manufacturer. ColonBroom will then immediately refund the purchase price. Customers generally have 14 days to return the product to the manufacturer.

ColonBroom Evaluation

By taking ColonBroom, digestion and intestinal health can be promoted in a sustainable way, so that possible complaints such as constipation and flatulence are alleviated. In addition, the continuous and light intake can influence metabolism and co. Since increased dietary fiber helps you feel satiated, ColonBroom may aid in weight loss if it is paired with other dietary interventions such as a calorie-restricted diet.

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