Liquid IV Reviews 2024: How Good is the Hydration Multiplier?

What is Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier?

Did you understand the human body can absorb water before it can be totally absorbed? Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier is developed to enhance the absorption rate of water (as well as various other vital ingredients) right into the bloodstream before being digested.

It makes use of a copyrighted system called Mobile Transportation Technology (CTT) that uses salt, sugar, potassium, and other ingredients to make this procedure occur to deliver hydration almost immediately. The Globe Health Organization has produced extensive standards for Dental Rehydration Solutions, and also Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier was based on these standards.

One stick has greater than twice the electrolytes of various other hydration drinks. From establishing countries to disaster-stricken locations, individuals worldwide have actually gained from options such as this. Seems excellent up until now, right? So, you might be asking yourself where to acquire Liquid IV. You can purchase straight from their internet site,, and other sellers such as CVS, GNC, and also Costco.

Does It Really Function?

As with any type of health item, there are benefits and downsides to using Liquid IV. So, does Liquid IV work? You can discover many pros sprayed around Liquid IV’s internet site, yet it takes little excavating [1] into more than one Liquid IV review to find an extensive checklist of disadvantages.

Regarding The Brand name

Liquid IV is a business established in 2002 by former professional athlete Brandin Cohen. They have created useful drinks with different health-boosting benefits. Liquid IV products include powdered supplements that can enhance immune features, offer enhanced power, advertise much better sleep, and support proper hydration.

On top of that, each of their items does not consist of any genetically customized microorganisms (non-GMO), and they are gluten-free, soy-free, as well as dairy-free. Liquid IV is managed by medical supervisor Dr. Brad Thomas, a world-renowned orthopedic specialist. As a humanitarian initiative, the firm gives away one offering to a person in need for every purchase.

Today, they have actually contributed over 16 million servings internationally. Similar to all health and also health items, you ought to always do your very own research prior to including a supplement in your diet regimen. Take A Look At Liquid IV reviews to hear what genuine individuals are saying about their innovative Hydration Multiplier items.

Liquid IV Review: What Do Actual Customers State?

Absolutely nothing rather assists you in taking the plunge, like reading what previous individuals need to say regarding a product. Below are personal Athletic Greens reviews from customers:

avatar small
 from Juan
on Decembre 20, 2023
Sold for life on this item. I struggle with extreme dehydration - extreme to the point where I am hospitalized and can quickly finish off two bags of IV liquids in a matter of an hr. After my 6th medical facility remained for dehydration within 3 months, I claimed there needed to be SOMETHING that could assist. I researched and examined numerous products, and Liquid IV is without a doubt the very best. Because taking this progressively for 5 months, no more healthcare facility keeps it for dehydration and let alone can exercise as well as play softball without experiencing cramps or trembles. The preference is fantastic, which is a subtle lemon/lime flavor as well as isn't "oily" as several of the various other items are comparable. Absolutely worth the acquisition - you will not be dissatisfied.
not helpful
avatar small
 from S. Smith
on Decembre 23, 2023
From the immediate first sip, this product made me really feel odd. I pressed two to three packages, and also it remained to make me feel so unusual that I quit taking it. Not more than a number of weeks later on, I had a seizure. I'm 45 years old, and also I have actually never had a seizure prior in my life, as well as I do not have any type of clinical conditions that would induce a seizure. I can't verify that Liquid IV was the cause of it, yet I strongly think it was since I recognize my body effectively, and also I recognize exactly how that item made me feel when I was taking it. The seizure that I had actually is called a grand mal seizure, and it takes place for several reasons, but one of the factors that one can have caused this kind of seizure is a discrepancy of electrolytes. Considering that liquid IV contributes to your electrolytes, this is an additional reason I believe it was the cause. I'm just putting my caution available for everyone to be really cautious with this item, and if you have a seizure, please let me understand as well as allow your physicians to understand that you were taking this product.
not helpful

avatar small
Artist I am so thankful my grandson presented me to Liquid IV. I had been having problems with getting dehydrated ... also had to go to the healthcare facility for it! I revealed it to my medical professional, who was delighted that I was going to take it and said she uses it herself. I have actually observed a big difference in just how I really feel after getting on it for a month. I am 91 years of age as well as feel like I now have a new lease on life. Thank you !!!
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What’s the correct dosage of Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier sticks? The directions on the website encourage customers to integrate one Liquid IV powder package with 16 ounces of cold water, and afterward drink the container well to ensure the powder gets evenly dispersed. It serves to make use of essential water, depending on exactly how solid of a taste you prefer.

While the business doesn’t state outright that the product should be made use of daily, the site [5] does state, “Many of our consumers enjoy Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier each day to rehydrate throughout or after difficult workouts while traveling, or on among life’s experiences.” This probably indicates if you rest at a desk all day, you may not need to consume this 7 days a week.

Hydration Multiplier Ingredients

Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier has 12 ingredients. Most of them are sourced from plants, such as stevia leaf removal. Every one of them is non-GMO, as well as there are no synthetic shades, sugar, or dyes.

Some of the here and now parts consisted of the purpose of nutrient distribution, while others sustain cells in staying healthy and balanced. More than one active ingredient concentrates on getting water taken right into the bloodstream. Liquid IV has several natural resources of electrolytes, and the rest are there to improve the flavor or create the powder’s smooth appearance. The item is available in a variety of tastes, including the original Lemon Lime, Strawberry, and Apple Pie. Right here is a list of the energetic ingredients in Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier:

Salt citrate
Extracted salt
Vitamin C
Stevia leaf remove
Pure walking stick sugar
Vitamins B3, B5, B6, and also B12
Potassium citrate
All-natural tastes
Dipotassium phosphate Citric acid
Silicon dioxide

It needs to be noted that while the product asserts to be gluten-free, it hasn’t been technically licensed because of this. Consequently, any person with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity may intend to use the product with caution initially. Cross-contamination with various other ingredients at the production facility might introduce gluten into the final product.


Our bodies normally make glucose, commonly described as blood sugar level; however it’s additionally found in various fruits as well as plants. Glucose is extremely absorbable [4] and also assists in the transportation of salt and water throughout the cell membrane layers, which is why it’s included in the Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier.

The company makes use of sugar in the form of dextrose to enhance the price of its products are taken a right into the bloodstream. Sugar is additionally an essential fuel for muscle contraction, as well as it can help our brains assume.


Salt and Sodium aren’t the very same things due to the fact that salt is a type of salt. The salt located in salt plays an important role in the Hydration Multiplier’s Cellular Transportation Innovation. When it’s contributed to the right amount of sugar, salt aids the body [2] in absorbing water right into the bloodstream more quickly. This can help your body change what it loses when you sweat.


Potassium [3] is the electrolyte that makes bananas prominent for people that struggle with muscle cramps. The potassium found in Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier originates from potassium citrate as well as dipotassium phosphate, and it has a couple of different jobs. Potassium helps the body maintain the ideal equilibrium of liquids and provides nutrients to the bloodstream, as well as this electrolyte is likewise understood to enhance bone wellness.


Liquid IV doesn’t deliver outside the United States
Each stick is high in both salt (500 milligrams) and sugar (11 grams)
Some consumers have complained about the Liquid IV preference if the item isn’t consumed immediately
It’s costly when purchased from the business website


This product is allergen-free
Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier can improve exercise performance
Including it in your drinking water on a regular basis has the potential to diminish the signs of aging
Liquid IV can cause you to melt calories more effectively than water alone
It has the possibility to aid in suppressing travel-related issues such as jet lag, anxiousness, and exhaustion
The business offers totally free shipping of the item
This electrolyte beverage can keep you concentrated and stimulated

Potential Side Effects

The claim “You can not get something for nothing” applies to dietary supplements as well as money. It’s always advisable to talk to your physician prior to introducing a brand-new supplement right into your diet regimen. Almost everything we take into our bodies, also plant products, can have damaging side effects.

Individuals with specific health conditions require to be specifically cautious when using this hydration multiplier. The high quantity of sugar (11 g) in each stick may negatively impact some diabetic person clients. Individuals with high blood pressure need to be familiar with the high sodium content in each stick. Research recommends consuming large quantities of Sodium can trigger new kidney rocks in individuals who already experience them.

There are cautions for the public, also. If you skim through Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier reviews, you’ll locate even more typical side effects. Among one the most commonly reported ones are the looseness of the bowels. Other individuals have actually likewise noted migraines, exhaustion, high temperature, queasiness, cools, as well as pain in the hands or feet.

Health and wellness Advantages of Hydration Multiplier

Are the ingredients audio healthy and balanced, however is Liquid IV helpful for you? Since it includes elements that enhance water absorption into the bloodstream, Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier assists you in remaining hydrated more than water alone. Furthermore, it improves exercise performance by maintaining muscles from coming to be dehydrated and also cramping.

So whether you’re exercising or recovering from a marathon, this beverage will certainly assist you in bouncing back faster. Since it consists of ingredients to enhance brain function, it can likewise aid in keeping you focused while you work or research. One more substantial element is that whether you take a trip for work or pleasure, Liquid IV can aid you in staying invigorated as well as decreases jet lag as well as stress and anxiety.

Yet does liquid IV help with hangovers? Yes! Some Liquid IV reviews even go so far as to call it a lifesaver considering that it remedies dehydration so promptly after a lengthy evening of alcohol consumption alcohol. This is because the electrolytes counteract alcohol’s dehydrating results, which helps it work quicker than water alone. If you’re looking to slim down as well as look younger, this item can assist in both locations.

Because you shed about one calorie for every fluid ounce of water your body soaks up, Liquid IV assists you in burning a lot more calories than water. Lastly, correct hydration is important for keeping the skin looking young. Including this in your alcohol consumption water can minimize signs of aging, including creases.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much Liquid IV can you have in one day?

It depends on which Liquid IV product you acquire. The Hydration Multiplier should be utilized with a 16-ounce glass of water. The Energy Multiplier and Rest Multiplier should be added to 12 as well as eight ounces of water, specifically. Each packet consists of guidelines for ideal use.

Is Liquid IV even more hydrating than water?

Its Cellular Transport Modern Technology (CTT) is developed to aid your body in soaking up water much more swiftly than water alone. There are additionally electrolytes not discovered in water that increase hydration.

Can I place it in hot or chilly drinks?

Either! Lots of people include it at room temperature level or cold water. However, it can be eaten hot, best during the chilly, snowy months. Add some added hydration right into your tea, chocolate or various other comfort beverage. It’s recommended that you consume it as swiftly as feasible to optimize the outcomes. Nonetheless, it can be saved for one to two days or iced up for future consumption.

Is Liquid IV helpful for kidneys?

Given that kidney issues are usually caused by dehydration, Liquid IV can sustain healthy and balanced kidney features. It can replenish electrolytes and also enable the body to soak up even more water. If you have kidney stones, simply realize that the high salt degree can produce even more of them.

Is Liquid IV much better than Gatorade?

Liquid IV has 3 times the electrolytes and less than half the sugar and calories of Gatorade. Nevertheless, it is a lot more costly than Gatorade, so keep that in mind when you make a decision on whether or not to select it over typical sports beverages.


This type of oral hydration therapy is helpful for certain groups of people, yet is Liquid IV risk-free for every person? It feels like an outstanding selection for very energetic athletes or those recovering from health problems that cause dehydration. Liquid IV is additionally a healthy and balanced option for individuals who stay in third-world nations and don’t have access to adequate clean alcohol consumption water.

However, if you’re simply an average Joe with a standard to modest task degree, is Liquid IV worth it? This might not be the very best item to use each day, as well as it is not a healthy option for diabetics and also individuals with hypertension, either. In the long run, your total health and wellness as well as hydration, require you to rely on whether or not Liquid IV benefits you! has extensive sourcing requirements in addition to depend on peer-reviewed looks into, academic research study establishments, as well as likewise clinical organizations. We function mainly with peer-reviewed research study studies to ensure exact details. We stop using tertiary references. You can discover more pertaining to just how we ensure our web content is precise along with current by reviewing our editorial plan.

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