We Decide: An initiative by the UNFPA to fight for the rights of disabled individuals

We Decide is an initiative by the UNFPA that aims to empower women and girls with disabilities and their families. The programme seeks to eliminate gender-based violence, promote reproductive health, and tackle stigma against persons with disabilities. In addition, it provides information to women on their rights as women. To learn more, visit the We Decide website. Read the PRB’s article on the programme to find out how you can help.

The presentation was developed with input from the We Decide Program and a technical advisory group chaired by the Population Reference Bureau and the UNFPA. The group was composed of disability rights advocates, academics, and representatives of UN agencies. The supporting materials are tools for individuals and organizations working to promote gender equality and the rights of disabled people. This report is available online for free and in print. It can be used to educate people and policymakers on the importance of gender equality and disability.

The UNFPA’s We Decide initiative works with governments and partners to promote and implement the Washington Group recommendations. The content of the presentation was developed with the input of a technical advisory group comprised of experts in disability rights, academics, and UN agencies. We Decide: A Global Study of Women and Girls With Disabilities and the Rights of People With Disabilities. Achieving these goals will help protect women and girls, and prevent AIDS and other forms of exploitation of women and girls.

WE DECIDE: An initiative by the UNFPA and other organizations aimed at promoting the human rights and social inclusion of women and girls, as well as gender equality and prevention of sexual violence. This program focuses on three core principles: addressing adolescent rights, preventing gender-based violence, and gender-based oppression. It also aims to increase girls’ and women’s empowerment.

The UNFPA and other UN agencies have pledged to include questions on disability in the 2020 census. The UNFPA has also committed to promote the Washington Group questions in 2020. The presentation also includes the supporting materials. In addition to highlighting the global impact of the We Decide initiative, it is an opportunity to increase awareness of the importance of disability rights. An important aspect of this initiative is to ensure that women and girls with disabilities are able to receive the most effective services.

We Decide is an initiative of the UNFPA. We Decide is an initiative that aims to empower adolescents in their communities and prevent the onset of gender-based violence. The program is supported by the UNFPA and the UN Population Reference Bureau. Its objective is to promote gender equality and human rights of people with disabilities. It is also a powerful tool for addressing sexual violence.

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