Mobilizing youth population to spread peace in the conflict-affected regions of Central Africa

The Global Youth Summit is an international event that brings together young people, policy makers, and changemakers to discuss issues that affect the lives of youth. It is sponsored by the UN and includes high-profile partners such as Salesforce, FIFA, Special Olympics, Cambridge International, and Peace First. The Summit also calls for greater engagement from governments and business. These organizations are crucial in creating lasting peace and advancing sustainable development. The goal of the Global Forum is to encourage action by governments and businesses to help youth achieve this goal.

The World Bank estimates that about 60% of the youth in central Mali are “vulnerable” to violence. They are not in school, do not have jobs, and are not enrolled in school. Many are not even in school and are not pursuing an education, which is why the African Union has taken a proactive role in this region. Its members are also engaged in a series of discussions to promote educational opportunities. Moussa Tolo encourages young people to go to schools and expose them to music and artists.

The youth in CAR understand the value of dialogue and are active participants in building reconciliation and peace committees. Most of these peace committees have turned into youth organisations. The young people who are involved have clear visions for the local needs and their role in conflict resolution and peace consolidation. The ONG Vitalite Plus has organized round tables to identify the causes of conflict and the ways to resolve them. It has also established 13 peace committees in six cities.

The youth are the key to transforming conflict into peaceful solutions. In order to do this, governments and regional bodies must empower these young people. In particular, governments and the media need to update narratives about the youth in Africa so that they will include the active perpetrators. As a result, young Africans are playing prominent roles in advancing the political rights of their countries. They must be given the tools to make peace.

The mobilization process is crucial for the development of sustainable peace. Various groups, including UN agencies, community groups, and workers’ organizations will need to work together to build an effective peace program. The 12 to 12-Path Partnership Initiative aims to build a coalition of young people to work toward a common goal – peace. They will work to create a more inclusive society and improve the quality of life for the people living in the region.

Youth have a powerful voice in advancing peace. Their activism has helped them achieve this. They have been instrumental in the formation of many peace committees and NGOs in their communities. As a result of their leadership, these youth can be important agents of change in achieving a stable environment. This is especially important in developing nations where long-standing political leaders need to be held accountable for their actions.

A successful peacebuilding process involves coordinated participation of all stakeholders, including youth. MINUSCA has been critical in CAR in implementing the program to support the peacebuilding process, but citizens have expressed disappointment and distrust in the mission of MINUSCA, which is based in France. Furthermore, the mission of MINUSCA has resulted in multiple attacks on national institutions, including armed rebels.

Youth in CAR understand the importance of inclusive dialogue and have played an important role in setting up peace committees, dialogue, and reconciliation committees. Some of these peace committees have expanded to become full-fledged youth organisations, and many of these groups have clear visions of their local needs and visions for peace consolidation. One such example is ONG Vitalite Plus, which has organized many round tables to identify the causes of conflict. The organisation has also established thirteen peace committees in various cities and is in the process of establishing many more.

There are several factors that influence youth’s behavior. Despite the fact that most young people do not engage in violent activities, they play a significant role in many aspects of a country’s daily life. Insecure situations are a primary cause of community displacement, and it is vital to address this issue by empowering youth. However, the challenges of CAR’s complex and volatile political system can make a difference in the lives of young people.

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