Positive stool occult blood among dengue patients with abdominal pain

Positive stool occult blood is a warning sign that colorectal cancer has reached the stage of early detection. It is a serious ailment that develops in the rectum or colon. It is the second leading cause of cancer-related death in the United States. A fecal occult blood test is a screening test that can help diagnose the condition in its early stages, when treatment is most effective.

A stool sample is collected for a heme occult blood test. It is easy to do at home, but the patient should avoid certain foods and medications for several hours before the test. The test consists of smearing the stool sample onto a card coated in guaiac, a plant-based substance. This will change color to indicate the presence of heme in the stools. The test can also determine whether or not the person suffering from inflammatory bowel disease is suffering from anemia.

A positive stool occult blood test indicates bleeding in the digestive tract. It may be caused by ulcerated lesions, hemorrhoids, diverticulosis, or colorectal cancer. Further tests are needed to confirm the diagnosis. When this occurs, it is imperative to contact a medical professional to seek medical advice. When a patient has a history of bleeding, a positive stool occult blood test is the first step in the diagnostic process.

A positive stool occult blood test can indicate a number of conditions. A negative test means that no blood was detected in the stool sample. In case of a positive stool occult blood test, the doctor will recommend a series of tests to rule out other illnesses. If the result is not positive, then you should visit a physician immediately. A good doctor will make a proper diagnosis. You’ll be in good hands.

A stool occult blood test is a reliable and effective way to diagnose an infection. Usually, stool samples are collected after a meal and sent to a medical professional’s office. In order to determine whether a positive result is due to an infection, a medical professional will analyze the sample and recommend further tests. They can also determine if a stool test is due to a bacterial or chemical problem.

In most cases, a positive stool occult blood test will be confirmed if a patient has a history of colorectal cancer. It’s best to follow the doctor’s recommendations and get a regular check-up. If a stool occult blood test is positive, you’ll have to undergo further testing to determine the cause. If you have a history of bleeding, your doctor will be able to perform a further analysis on the stool.

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