School nurse’s practice and human papillomavirus vaccination

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Joob B, Wiwanitkit V. School nurse’s practice and human papillomavirus vaccination. Ann Trop Med Public Health 2016;9:358-9


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Joob B, Wiwanitkit V. School nurse’s practice and human papillomavirus vaccination. Ann Trop Med Public Health [serial online] 2016 [cited 2020 Aug 14];9:358-9. Available from:

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Role of school nurse in the management of an outbreak of infection is very important in public health since. The recent report by Rosen on “school nurses’ professional practice in the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine decision-making process” can be useful information in managing school-based clinics. In fact, the promotion of HPV vaccination is usually an important topic for consideration. As noted by Rosen et al. “increasing knowledge, attitudes, and intention toward providing HPV vaccine education” is the key determinants. [1] However, an interesting concern is the competency check for the practitioner, school nurse. In fact, there are many new vaccines including HPV vaccine and influenza vaccine that school nurse has to play an important role in modulating the vaccination process in school. The verification of the effectiveness in practice of the practitioner is very important. Finally, the concern on the health of the practitioner is needed. In the previous period of the flu outbreak, the willingness of nurse to practice is an important concern. [2] For sure, we, school nurses, have responsibility to take care and promote vaccination against disease, but we have the risk to expose to disease at the same time. Vaccination and preventive tools must be supported to the school nurse to ensure the safety in practice during the problematic period. It is no doubt that if the school nurse has direct experience by having a good education and HPV vaccination, the practitioner can effectively educate the others.

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Rosen BL, Ashwood D, Richardson GB. School nurses’ professional practice in the HPV vaccine decision-making process. J Sch Nurs 2016;32:138-48.
Martin SD. Nurses’ ability and willingness to work during pandemic flu. J Nurs Manag 2011;19:98-108.

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DOI: 10.4103/1755-6783.190202

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