Subscription rates
Subscription rates for the year 2015*

India (INR) Overseas (USD $)
Individual Institute Individual Institute
Base Amount Taxes Base Amount Taxes Base Amount Taxes Base Amount Taxes
Print 2000 0.00 3000 0.00 130 0.00 250 0.00
Online 1500 185.40 2300 284.28 100 12.36 200 24.72
Print+Online 2500 61.80 3800 98.88 180 6.18 330 9.89
Single Issue 417 0 625 0 27 0 52 0

PDF & Epub Policy:
Full text access is free in HTML pages; however the Journal allows PDF and EPub access only to paid subscribers.

  • Published Bimonthly
  • Subscriptions are for calendar year only
  • Please return this coupon to:
    Medknow Publications And Media Pvt. Ltd.
    B-9, Kanara Business Centre, Off Link Road, Ghatkopar (E), Mumbai – 400075, INDIA
  • Cheque should favour “Medknow Publications And Media Pvt. Ltd.”
  • Please allow at least six to eight weeks for commencement of new subscription.
  • Claims for missing issues can be made only within one month of publication
  • Agent's discount: 5% (Should include the form giving details of end user) **

* Prices not including taxes. Additional taxes applicable.
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