Concurrent Zika virus and HIV infection: A new concern on the new concurrence

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Wiwanitkit V. Concurrent Zika virus and HIV infection: A new concern on the new concurrence. Ann Trop Med Public Health 2016;9:355


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Wiwanitkit V. Concurrent Zika virus and HIV infection: A new concern on the new concurrence. Ann Trop Med Public Health [serial online] 2016 [cited 2020 Aug 14];9:355. Available from:

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The Zika virus is already accepted as the present public health importance. [1] Adding to the classical Zika virus infection, the uncommon form of the infection should be mentioned. [2] The great concern is on the concurrence between Zika virus infection and other infection. The concurrence between Zika virus and dengue infection is a good example. [3] Another important pair is the concurrent Zika virus and HIV infection. This condition was first reported by Calvet et al[4] Focusing on that case, [4] there is no identified effect of co-infection. In this case, the patient “evolved with only mild symptoms and recovered well without major laboratory abnormalities. [4]” However, further accumulated data on this topic are needed. Since the Zika virus is presently proposed for the possibility of sexual transmission, the concern on the concurrence becomes the great topic. In fact, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently proposed for the using of universal precaution toward Zika virus similar to the case of HIV. [5]

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DOI: 10.4103/1755-6783.190197

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