Disseminated cysticercosis: Uncommon presentation of a common disease

Cysticercosis is an important disease of the developing world and is a common cause of seizures and neurological morbidity. Neurocysticercosis (NCC) is the most common manifestation of the disease involving the central nervous system (CNS). Disseminated cysticercosis (DCC) is an uncommon manifestation of this disease and less than 50 cases have been reported; the majority being from India. Here we report a case with extensive dissemination of C cellulosae, involving all possible sites, namely, the brain, eyes (extra- and intraocular), muscles, tongue, and subcutaneous tissues. She had innumerable cerebral cysts giving a starry sky appearance on imaging, and subcutaneous nodules, as yet unreported in the existing literature, to the best of our knowledge. The patient developed an anaphylactic reaction on receiving albendazole, despite being properly preconditioned with steroids. Presently she is in follow-up and is asymptomatic.

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