Impact of skin-to-skin care on satisfaction and experience of cesarean mothers: A randomized, double-blinded clinical trial

Introduction: During the infancy period, it is vital to take a good care of mother and infant to promote their health. Furthermore, mothers’ satisfaction is a good indicator to evaluate the quality of services. Objective: The aim is to examine the impact of skin-to-skin contact of infants by mother immediately after caesarean on the satisfaction of the mothers and to study the experience of mothers who received the care. Materials and Methods: This randomized, controlled, double-blinded clinical trial performed on the mothers who had cesarean in 2015 in Miandoab city, West Azerbaijan Province, Iran. One hundred and five participants were randomly divided into the experiment and control groups using randomized blocks method. Experiment group received skin-to-skin contact in the recovery room, and then, for 3 days, at 7 am, 1 pm, and 7 pm for 30 min. To measure the satisfaction of the mothers, a questionnaire, previously was approved, was applied. Experience of the mothers with the kangaroo mother care method only in the experiment group was measured. Results: Mean satisfaction of mothers in the experiment group was significantly higher than the control group (P < 0.001). The experience of mothers for skin-to-skin contact in the intervention group was close to “totally agree = 5.” In the multivariate analysis, based on backward method, the age was the only significant variable with an odds ratio of 1.90 and B = 0.64 and 95% confidence interval for the B value (1.14, 0.14) which was statistically significant with mothers’ satisfaction (P = 0.013). Conclusion: Skin-to-skin contact of infants by mothers might be improves mothers’ satisfaction and postnatal care.
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