Lived experienced of patients with sickle cell disease anemia about disease management (a qualitative research)

Abstract: Introduction and Goal: Sickle cell disease (SCD) is a group of disorders, comprising sickle cell anemia and compound heterozygous disorders. It is the most common inherited hematological disease in the world. The objectives of this study were to describe the lived experienced patients with SCD during the evolution of a painful event and their solutions for control and manage it. We hope that with finding and cumulative of these solutions help patient with SCD for the management of their painful event. Materials and Methods: This qualitative study explored the experiences of sickle cell patients in management and control of pain and disease crisis in Iran. In-depth, unstructured individual interviews were conducted to extract the subjects’ experiences of sickle cell patients in management and control of pain and disease crisis. Results: Codes extracted from the interviews led to the emergence of fore themes, which include implementation of various strategies to pain relief, awareness of pain intensifying, need to have the full support, awareness of the disease process. Conclusion: It is recommended that the instructions and programs written by nurses, be taught to patients and received feedback, to ensure that these strategies will be used.

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