MicroRNA in available dengue RNA codons and microRNA-like antiviral

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Wiwanitkit S, Wiwanitkit V. MicroRNA in available dengue RNA codons and microRNA-like antiviral. Ann Trop Med Public Health 2012;5:624-5


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Wiwanitkit S, Wiwanitkit V. MicroRNA in available dengue RNA codons and microRNA-like antiviral. Ann Trop Med Public Health [serial online] 2012 [cited 2017 Nov 14];5:624-5. Available from: https://www.atmph.org/text.asp?2012/5/6/624/109342


microRNA is the new present target in viral treatment. New antiviral drug development as microRNA-like antiviral is the new hope. [1] Of several viral disease, dengue is an important mosquito borne disease that microRNA-like antiviral is expected to play the important role in the near future. [1] The understanding on the microRNA in this virus is useful. Here, the authors perform a bioinformatics study to detect the microRNA within known dengue RNA using a standard computational bioinformatics method namely Mireval. [2] Comparative structural bioinformatics approach using mirBase blasting [3] and similarity comparison was performed using on structural clustering technique. [4] In this work, the two available RNA codons of dengue (3′ non coding region dengue 1 virus: S58489.1 and envelope protein dengue 3 virus: S67858.1) were used as primary templates. Of interest, there is no detected microRNA region within the studied RNAs. Hence, it implies that the two regions should not be the targets for further development of microRNA-like antiviral.



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DOI: 10.4103/1755-6783.109342

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