Myopericytoma is an uncommon tumor that occurs around the cervix. In many cases, myopericytoma develops after trauma. Several authors have described the development of this cancer and related diseases, including P.P.L. Lau, P.C.W. Lui, and P.D. Stalley. A review of myofibromas and myopericytoma by M.S. Dray was also published. One other study, by T. Mentzel, reviewed 54 cases of myopericytoma.

Myopericytoma usually has a well-circumscribed border and thin-walled blood vessels. The cells of this cancer are eosinophilic and grow in a conspicuous concentric pattern around the vessel. Some cases resemble hemangiopericytoma or angioleiomyoma; while other cases are fibroma-like. Other characteristics suggest malignancy, including mitotic activity, atypical morphology, and infiltrating growth pattern. Surgical excision is the only treatment option for myopericytoma, and the prognosis is generally good.

The majority of myopericytomas are benign and do not require surgery. They are found in the dermis, and are well-circumscribed. They contain no mitoses or necrosis. A few have been associated with malignancy, and their incidence is low after marginal excision. In the vast majority of cases, benign myopericytomas do not recur after surgical treatment. In some cases, however, the cancer can spread.

Myopericytoma is a rare benign tumor that affects the pericardium. Dictor and Granter first proposed the concept of a myopericyte in 1992, and later adopted the name myopericytoma for this tumor. It is usually found in men and mostly affects the limbs, though it can occur in women. Besides the pericardium, myopericytoma can also occur in the nose, periungual area, and urinary tract.

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