Rat bite: Analysis of 345 cases

The most common cause of rat bite fever is a bacterium called Spirillum minus, also known as sodoku. Some reports discuss the two organisms at the same time, blurring the distinction between the two diseases and their epidemiologic distribution. This article will discuss the epidemiology of rat bite fever and the treatment of the disease. This review will focus on the triad of fever, delayed onset erythematopapular rash, and asymmetric polyarthritis. In rare cases, a patient may develop meningitis, splenic or renal infarction, meningitis, pericarditis, or fulminant sepsis.

The rate of rat bite fever in children has been on the rise as rats become more popular as pets. Previously, there have been no reports of the condition in children, but over 50% of cases are reported in children. The majority of previous case reports involve a single joint, such as the hip, while the new report focuses on pediatric victims. There have been a few case studies on the disease and the prevention of it, but this is the most comprehensive analysis of its causes and prevention.

In the United States, rat bite fever was first described in 1839, but its association with a specific pathogen was not described until 1914, when Schottmuller isolated Streptothrix muris ratti from a man who had been bitten by a rat. This bacteria was later renamed Streptobacillus moniliformis and subsequently renamed as S. molliformis. The current disease is caused by a different bacterium, Spirillum muris, which is a fungus that lives in a laboratory.

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