Satisfaction levels among patients availing DOTS services in Bundelkhand Region (UP), India: Evidence from patient exit-interviews

Context: Patient satisfaction is a determinant of treatment uptake and adherence to Directly Observed Treatment Short course (DOTS) therapy for Tuberculosis (TB). Waiting time, staff’s attitude and improvement in symptoms may affect patient’s satisfaction. Aims: The rationale of the present study is to assess the levels of satisfaction among patients utilizing the DOTS services and the factors contributing toward patient satisfaction. Settings and Design: Cross-sectional study. Study Duration: Jan 2009 to March 2009. Study Area: Four Designated Microscopic Centers (DMCs) of District Jhansi. Materials and Methods: Exit interviews of all the patients who were diagnosed as TB cases and put on DOTS in the first quarter of 2009 (i.e., subjects registered from 1 st January 2009 to 31 st March 2009) at four selected DMCs were taken on pre-tested questionnaire. Statistical Analysis: Results are expressed in percentages. Results: Average waiting time at center reported was 5-10 minutes by majority of cases (42.7%). Approx.78.6% patients were fully satisfied with the services provided at the centers. Lack of financial burden was the most common reason for satisfaction (95.4%), followed by improvement in symptoms (75%). Most common problems faced by the patients was difficult in coming on alternate days (30.0%) followed by loss of wages and transport charges (26.8%). Conclusion: The study findings could potentially be explored to improve DOTS services to attain maximum satisfaction among TB patients.

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